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Yes Dorothy, we do have waterfalls in Kansas.

Brown Park Waterfall
Brown Park Waterfall

Ok, I know, I know…I made a reference to the Wizard of Oz.  I swear when I’m traveling and one more person says “Duh, your not in Kansas anymore are you Toto” there is going to be some…well probably nothing, I’ll just grumble and go my way.  But anyway, to the point.  Since Kansas is not just all one flat wheat field like most of the world seems to think, we do have some waterfalls!  And I love to photograph them.  I found some information about this one in Abilene at which is a great resource for Kansas waterfalls, check it out when you have a moment.  According to the website above, this is waterfall in Abilene used to be an old mill and a few remnants are still around.  If you decide to go check it out, take plenty of bug spray, the mosquitoes were awful!  Dorothy should have taken some good old Kansas mosquitoes with her to Oz…they would have helped with the flying monkeys.

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