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A new waterfall (and a big one!)

Geary County Lake Waterfall
Waterfall at the outlet of Geary County Lake, Kansas

Iin my last post, I talked about finding my way to a waterfall I had never photographed before.  When I posted a photo of that waterfall on Facebook, one of my old (and I don’t mean that he is old!) high school teachers (thanks Mr. Davis!) made a comment about the waterfall at the outlet of the Geary County fishing lake being a closer drive for me.  The one at the Geary County Fishing Lake? What waterfall at the Geary County fishing lake? A quick Google search brought up one photo on the state’s fish and game webpage, which almost seemed like it had been added there as an afterthought.  But it looked impressive.  So tonight I made the trip over to the Geary County State Fishing lake.  Wow.  This was impressive.  The falls are probably a 30′ drop from the top to the pool at the bottom.  Very cool.  I was in waterfall heaven. I couldn’t stop shooting.  Can’t wait to go back.  I came home with wet feet, maybe poison ivy, maybe a few ticks, several new mosquito bits, a few new scratches but it was worth it.

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