scott bean photography
Photograph of the Flint Hills near Carnahan Creek
The View from the Road

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This is one photograph out of a timelapse sequence I shot this past weekend. I was shooting near the scenic overlook on Carnahan Road looking toward Tuttle Creek Lake.  I normally have a difficult time staying in one location for very long when I’m out with my camera, I’ve got itchy feet and I have a bad tendency to always want to move on to the next location because there might be “something better” on down the road (there rarely is). Not very mindful of me. While shooting a timelapse though I’m rooted to one spot which is going to be good for me. I need to invest in a good camp chair to take with me and practice just really enjoying the moment while my camera clicks away.

It was interesting watching how the light and shadows changed as the sun slowly sank down and the clouds moved across the sky.  When the sun was not being blocked by the clouds the colors in the scene really started singing.  It was really beautiful. If you haven’t had a chance to get out and enjoy the colors in the area yet do yourself a favor and go for a drive this weekend.

Scott (249)