The Good, the Bad, and the Unexpected.

Last night I heard that the weather people were predicted fog for this morning.  Fog usually makes for some interesting conditions to photograph in so I decided I would get up early and head to Stockdale Park on Tuttle Creek Lake.  I thought the trees in the water there might be interesting in the fog.…

New photography class at UFM this summer

I’m going to be teaching a new photography class at UFM this summer titled “Introduction to Photography 2: Improving your composition”.  The class starts June 10th and you can read more about it here:

Something to warm up with.

Since it is a little chilly today for this time of year, I thought I would post some pictures of the sun to help everyone warm up.   Some of these I’ve posted before, some I haven’t. Think warm thoughts while you look at these.

Going old school

Today I had to use a floppy disc to move some data from an old computer.  Floppy discs, remember those? Took me awhile just to find one.  I was lucky the much newer computer in my office even had a disc drive to read it with.  Since I had to go ‘old school’ today using…

Keeping everything in perspective

Earlier this spring I decided that I was going to head out to the ‘Broken Arrow’ section of Tuttle Creek Lake and do some photography along the shoreline there.  This section of Tuttle has some nice sand beaches, which is unusual for Tuttle (the shoreline is normally rocky). The last time I was in this…