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Some Infrared Photos

Well since spring has apparently decided not to show up yet, I’m catching up on photos from last spring and summer. I’ve put together a few infrared photos from Konza, Marlatt Park, and Old K18 in this post. You can click on the link below to view them:

Kansas Infrared Photos

I’m using a new gallery for my photos, the first one should load full page. You can scroll through them using the arrows or numbers on the bottom of the page.

The first image (and the one shown above) is a shot of my favorite tree on Konza Prairie. I don’t what it is about this tree, but it has a very majestic, peaceful feeling to it. I’ve photographed it many times and never felt like my photos were capturing the spirit of the tree. I think this infrared shot comes close though. The infrared really makes the tree standout and shows it’s structure well. As soon as the weather cooperates I’m going to head to Konza and spend some more time with this tree.

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