Recently I stumbled across the trailer for the film “Last Stand of the Tallgrass Prairie”, which really struck a chord with me.  I was slightly embarrassed that I hadn’t seen this before.  I also could relate to this blogpost “This is Why”.  There is something very special about the Flint Hills and there is no way I could put to words what that means to me.  I’ll just have to rely on others like Flint Hills, Tall Grass that are better with words than I ever will be to try and explain it.  I think one reason I’m drawn to photograph the Flint Hills is to try and show through my photography what a special place it is.  What I can’t express with words, maybe I can with photographs.   Like a lot of people, I’m evaluating how 2010 went and setting goals for 2011.  One of those goals will be to try and use my photography in a more active way to help protect the landscapes that I love.

One of my favorite places to get out and roam around in the Flint Hills is Wabaunsee County.  I’ve made several blog posts about photographing in Wabaunsee County and probably my favorite drives to take is the Deep Creek Road to Old K18 to Alma drives.  Stunning views along with route.  Because Wabaunsee County has been a favorite of mine, I’ve gone through my photographs and put together an album of photographs I have made there.  If you are looking for a place to get lost in the Flint Hills, I would encourage a visit to Wabaunsee County.

Photographs in this new gallery can be viewed at:  Wabaunsee County Photographs


Scott (248)


  1. Thanks Dennis! And thanks for writing the Flint Hills, Tall Grass site. I could never express how I feel about the Flint Hills in words like you do.

  2. Scott,
    Before this year I kind of took the Flint Hills for granted. Thanks to your pictures and those from a few other Kansas photographers I have gained a new love for the area. I hope that I to can find a way to give back the area that I now love so much. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  3. Thanks Jeff, I really appreciate that! It has taken me awhile to figure out what feeling ‘connected’ is in relationship to the world around us, but I think I’m slowly starting to get it figured out. Wish I would of a lot sooner!

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