Last weekend I was at Wildcat Park with my photography class. This is a really nice little park. There are several lines of black walnut trees that were planted in a clearing which makes for interesting lines and shadows in the evening. I took this first photo facing down one of the rows of walnut trees.

After photographing some geese in the stream that runs along the edge of the park everyone started back towards the parking lot and some nice color started showing up with the sunset.

Near the parking lot the trail crosses a small stream which was reflecting the colors of the sunset.

Scott (248)


  1. I like taking my dog out to this park. Hardly ever see anyone. Nice pictures of the place. Check on your HTML on this page… I wanted to see what that was in the middle of the creek, but the link doesn't work 🙁

  2. Thanks Bill! I'm migrating my blog and having some issues with the whole process, hope to have all the html worked out soon!

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