Foggy morning at Stockdale

Through the Fog

Last night I heard that the weather people were predicted fog for this morning.  Fog usually makes for some interesting conditions to photograph in so I decided I would get up early and head to Stockdale Park on Tuttle Creek Lake.  I thought the trees in the water there might be interesting in the fog.

Well you probably know I’m not a morning person so I woke up much later than I intended to and didn’t get out to Stockdale until way past when I would normally be out shooting landscapes (the Bad).  Luck was with me though and there was still pretty heavy fog on the lake when I got there (the Good).  As I was walking towards the shoreline to photograph the trees I noticed a large bird flying low over the water and realized it was a bald eagle (the very much unexpected!).  I didn’t think any would still be around this time of year.  I was able to get a few snaps of it flying and a couple of it in a tree (it is the very small speck with a white in the pictures below!).  All in all a good morning.

Hope everyone had a chance to enjoy something today and find the good and the unexpected in your day.

Scott (248)


  1. the black and white one is awesome. The color version is lovely to but I am really leaning towards the b&w. It reminds me of one of my favorite photographers, Dan Montgomery.

  2. Thanks Matt! I think I like the BW better too. I’m going to have to convert some others from this shoot to BW.

  3. Good call Harold, I just converted the 4093 to BW and I really like it, thanks! I’ve updated the post to include it in the gallery.

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