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250 miles and 4 gigs later (or, how lost can three Post hole Diggers get?)

Chase County Waterfall
Chase County Waterfall, Chase County State Fishing Lake, Kansas

Last weekend I had the pleasure of taking a road trip down to Teter Rock with a couple of friends and fellow photographers.  We made several stops along the way and made some interesting discoveries (intentional of course!) including an old car in a fence line.  The first place we stopped was the Lower Fox Creek School house near the Tall Grass Prairie Preserve in Chase County.  This is always a good place to stop and take some shots.  We also made stops in Cottonwood Falls and at the Chase County State Fishing lake.  The waterfalls at the lake there are also always a good stop.  Lots of poison ivy around there though, so watch your step!

I’ve shot at all these places before, but it is always good to revisit places, the light will never be the same at any location twice.  The more you visit a place, the better you get to know it too and I find the more I visit a location, the better my photos from that location turn out.

After shooting the Chase County Falls, we headed towards Teter Rock.  The clouds had moved in by the time we got up on Teter Hill, but they formed some nice patterns for us.  This was the first time I had been to Teter Rock and let me tell you, the views where fantastic! I will be returning again!

On the way back home we stopped to shoot an interesting railroad bridge outside of Strong City and as we where finishing up there, we noticed that the sky had an amazing pinkish glow right to it, right on the horizon.  It was fading fast so we didn’t have much time to find a spot to catch it.  Since we where near the Lower Fox Creek School house, we decided to head back there and end up where we started.  I didn’t get any of that beautiful color at the end of the day, but I noticed I had just about filled my 4 gig CF card…and that always is a sign of a great day!  All told we drove almost 250 miles, had countless good conversations (and I picked up some great ideas on naming photos!).

Enjoy the photos, I sure enjoyed taking them.

Scott (249)

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