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Panorama of Pillsbury Crossing
Pillsbury Crossing Pano

I had several people ask questions about the waterfalls in my “This is My Kansas” video that I recently posted so I decided to put together a video of just photographs of Kansas waterfalls.

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Surprising to a lot of people, there are a handful of waterfalls scattered across Kansas. Or course these waterfalls are not anything like Niagara Falls and many of the waterfalls in Kansas are smaller 3-5′ drops with an occasional 10 – 20′ + falls. Most of the waterfalls are seasonal and only run strong after heavy rains, typically in the spring/early summer or sometimes after heavy snow melt.  I love photographing water, especially running water and these waterfalls give me the chance to do that.

Some of the waterfalls featured in this video are: Pillsbury Crossing, Alcove Springs, Chase County Lake falls, Geary County Lake falls, Butcher Falls, The Hollow in Sedan, Cowley County falls, Cottonwood Falls, Eureka City Lake, and Elk Falls. You can view some of my waterfall photographs in my “Energy of Water” gallery on my website too.

A great resource to find out information about Kansas waterfalls is:  If you need a road trip somewhere next spring, look up some of these waterfalls, head out the door and do some exploring!


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