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At the beginning of the past few years, I’ve been putting together slideshows of my photographs from the previous year. I put the photos in these slideshows together in chronological order and it is fun for me to review my year in this way.

I had a lot of fun photo outings in 2015. As normal, most of my photography is done close to where I live, so almost all my photos are made in Kansas. I like to get outside as much as possible with my camera, so most of my work is always going to be done near where I live (wherever that happens to be). I was able to do some photography in south central Missouri this year and had fun exploring streams and parks while there and was treated to a magical display of Virginia bluebells in bloom (my blog post about that trip is here).

I also made it down to the Gyp (Red) Hills region of Kansas this year and during that trip made it over to Big Basin for an afternoon of photography. I also made a couple of trips to Cheyenne Bottoms, photographed at Rock City, made it out several nights to photograph the Milky Way and the Perseid Meteor shower. I also got to make several outings with my Dad, which is one of the best things about photography. Dad and I made it down to the Maxwell Wildlife Refuge as well as several outings close to home including a short trip over to a sunflower field near Washington, Kansas. My wife and I made several outings together, which is always fun. One place we went together was out to the Scott County Lake and Monument Rocks and was able to make some Milky Way photos at Monument Rocks, something that has been on my list of things to experience.

2015 was a very fun year with great experiences with nature, family and friends. I couldn’t ask for more. I’m looking forward to seeing what experiences I get to have in 2016.



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